Gloop Glorious Gloop!

This week the children had a google meet with Lockie’s mum.  Lockie’s mum works with animals and talked to the children about dogs’ different behaviours and what it means. We learnt how to stroke a dog.  We need to stroke it in the same direction as the fur falls and avoid patting the head.  Lockie’s mum also told us that if a dog licks their lips or their ears go down, this is a sign they might not be happy about us stroking them.

In PE we started our new Gymnastics unit. Our theme is rainforest animals and we learnt to travel like crabs, scorpion and caterpillars. We also learnt about different shapes our bodies can make, eg a tuck shape, a straight shape and a star shape.

We decided to make some gloop with cornflour. We put this in the tuft spot. It was great fun. We followed a recipe. We used 2 cups of cornflour, 1 cup of water and some food colouring.

In maths we have been looking at shapes. We got a square and cut it in half to make two right angle triangles. We then rotated to the triangles to make a parallelogram. We have made rectangles using squares – long ones and wide ones.

Have a lovely weekend.