Welcome Back

It has been lovely welcoming back the children after the half term holiday. They have all come back happy and eager to learn.
It’s great to finally see the sunshine, so please can you remember to send children into school with hats and suntan cream applied.
This week we have been focusing on our helicopter stories. We have looked at story language such as ‘once upon a time’, ‘long, long ago’, ‘In a faraway land’. We have magpied stories and made up our own version.
In Maths we have been sharing and making it fair and equal.
In gym we were Lakeland animals and were developing our balancing and taking weight on different body parts.
If you have any resources that we could use in our creative are such as feathers, buttons, sequins, ribbon, stickers, fabric, glitter or anything that you feel the children could be creative with, please do send it in.
The children in Reception very much enjoy writing with different types of bens. If you have any going spare such as biros, gel pens etc please send them in- Thank you!