For, against or on the fence?

There has been a buzz in the air this week in English lessons as we have been brushing up on our debating skills.  We have been working on being able to make a point by speaking confidently, using formal language and justifying the point with evidence.  The classes took part in ‘on the spot’ debates discussing the controversial issues of zoos and whether all plastic should be banned.  Following on from this, we have started to research a topic for a final, planned debate next week.

In topic, we have been learning more about the fascinating Galapagos Islands,  the place where Charles Darwin collected specimens and made notes that would eventually change the way people thought about the world.  The purpose of this is to use the information to encourage and persuade more people to visit the islands by considering it as a holiday destination.

In DT and as part of the children’s homework, the children have been researching the origins and ingredients of curries.  Next week, we will take a closer look at some of the key ingredients which go into these tasty dishes, all with a view to making our own Alban City Balti later this term.

After an expected giggle or two, the children settled into the first of a series of lessons in Relationships and Sex Education.

In maths this week, we have been working on our algebra skills and using the inverse to work out a missing number.  Take a look at some of the games we made based on algebra:

Next week, we will all be having a go at some past SATs papers to see how everyone gets on.