Growing Plants

Welcome back after the half term! This week, growing plants has been our focus in Science and English. We have learned the parts of a plant and their function, identified deciduous and evergreen trees, and have named some garden and wild plants. We also planned a fair test for how to plant a seed.

In English we have read ‘The Tiny Seed’. We used the text to create an information leaflet about plants. Next week we are reading Vlad and will be learning about the Great Fire of London during History Week.

Maths this week has focused on estimating the position of numbers to 20 on a blank number line. We began by using bead strings, ordering pictorial representations of numbers to 20, and then moved on to applying this to find the correct place for each number on a blank number line. Next week we will be consolidating our learning on subtraction with numbers to 20.

Enjoy the lovely weather!