Odd and Even

In Maths we have been learning about odd and even numbers. If we can make pairs without any left overs then it is an even number. If we make pairs and there is one left over, it is an odd number. The children have been practising this in different ways.  We have even been pairing socks but don’t worry they were clean. I wonder if the children would find an odd or even number of socks in your washing at home?

This  would be something you could talk about at home to consolidate what they have learnt at school. Get them to prove it to you!


We have been looking at the book, ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’  to find out about life cycles. The children have learnt new information as well as sharing what they already know and then some of the children have decided to show what they have learnt in different ways. They have watched some videos and acted out the lifecycle.

In this picture the child drew each stage of the life cycle and then decided to cut them out and stick them on to  a piece of paper in the order they happen.  After that he added labels.

In phonics we are doing more writing of the digraphs in words and sentences as we practise and consolidate our learning.