A creative week…

This week, we wrote a detailed setting description about the Tin Forest. We started off the week by creating  our own version of a tin forest using water colours then based our writing on our settings. We wrote using noun phrases, adverbs and varied sentence starters about what they could see and what they could hear.

In Maths, we revised our knowledge about partitioning by using dienes to help our understanding. We thought about what happens when we add two numbers together using dienes and how we sometimes have to regroup the ones into tens.

In Science, we continued to learn about forces. This week we tested out a variety of materials to see how the material would change if we used a force on it.

In RE, we have continued to learn about Hinduism. This week we learnt about the story of Krishna and acted out the story of him stealing butter. We were also very lucky that Mrs Parikh shared some of her traditional clothes and jewellery with the class as well.

In Art, we have been learning about Andy Goldsworthy. Last week we planned what we would like our natural art to look like and this week we created them. They turned out amazing and so colourful!