Another Scorching week

Another busy week in the scorching heat, the children have shown great resilience this week to complete their tasks in the uncomfortable environment. Please can we ask that all children come into school with a water bottle every day as some are finding it very difficult in the heat without one.

This week in Literacy has followed on from the previous weeks research on Victorian inventions. The children were able to produce some excellent information leaflets selecting formal language to present their information on each invention.

In Maths, we have moved onto recapping over the method to simplify fractions before moving onto subtracting fractions from mixed number fractions using the butterfly method before simplifying the answer.

Following on from last weeks dive into the Science topics, the children have selected their own research questions and begun researching,  planning and creating their own presentations on their selected topic based on their own interests.

In History, the children in Year 5 have been able to plot different key Victorian inventions on a timeline including lots of key information and beautiful imagery, ensuring they are written in chronological order.

This weeks Faith and Belief, built on last weeks discussions based on religious leaders where the children created a job advert to employ a new Rabbi, thinking about the attributes that make a good leader.

In Spanish, the children were shown images and video about the Las Fallas festival which takes place in Valencia every year. They designed posters to advertise the festival writing using Spanish language.

This weeks P.E. has seen Sage participate in a multi-event athletic competition between the class competing in running, jumping and throwing events. Forest meanwhile have progressed from bowling to now the technique to bat in cricket so that the ball cannot be caught and begin to score runs.