How to Grab inspiration

In Saffron class the pupils have been developing our understanding of place value by comparing numbers in different ways. We have used key vocabulary such as less than and more than as well as using the following symbols <   >   =.

In Gold class the pupils have been using their rounding knowledge to estimate and check answers to addition and subtraction calculations. We discussed what would be a ‘best fit’ answer to problem solving and what would be ‘silly estimates’ and why.

After doing lots of research about an inspiring or extraordinary person we have spent this week planning key features such as time conjunctions and organisation of key events/information that we can use next week when we write a biography. We have also thought about wow words and ways of up-levelling our vocabulary choices to ensure it fits the audience we writing it for.

This week in PE we have been we thought about specific sprinting techniques to increase are pace. By the end of the session we had identified these key points: run on the balls of your feet, use arms to push body forwards, take good strides and look forwards. Each team was able to increase the amount of laps run.

Linking nicely to our English we have been thinking about those who are good leaders and inspire us to follow their lead. We realised that caring for others, persevering when things are difficult and respecting opinions are just some of the ways a role model inspires those around them.

In art and creativity we began to think about our preferred arrangement of stones to recreate our own version of Michael Grab’s work in his Gravity Glue project. With calm music and a steady hand we realised we are better than we thought we would be.