Speech, punctuation and sources of light.

This week, in English, we have continued looking at the book ‘Gorilla’, which the children are enjoying. We have been improving our punctuation skills, focusing predominantly on  apostrophes for possession and contraction, and speech punctuation. We have created dialogue between the gorilla and Hannah, using correct inverted commas. We are going to be working on writing a story in the style of Gorilla next week, so the children will need to apply the skills they’ve learn this week. You can help at home by getting the children to practise writing and punctuating  speech, and by discussing story/character ideas with them.

In maths, we have been partitioning 3 digit numbers in different ways.  We took 3 digit numbers, like 527, and partitioned them into H/T/O: for example, 527 is 52 tens and 7 ones. We then used this skill to solve word problems. Next week we are going to be focusing on fractions. You can help at home by doing the homework task on Google classroom together.


In science, we discussed what light is and sorted sources of lights. We then looked at whether the sources were natural or man made. Lots of us thought that the moon was a source of light! We wrote explanations explaining why the moon isn’t a source of light.

There is homework on Google classroom. Don’t forget to read!

Despite the heat this week, Year 3 have worked really hard. Well done! Enjoy the weekend and we will see you next week.