We are very excited to tell you that we now have some real caterpillars in Reception, which were provided by to one of our families. We are going to be looking closely at them each day to see how they change over time and name and recognise the different stages of the lifecycle.
We have been learning about printing and exploring different ways to print. We had lots of fun finger printing and wooden block printing. We produced different patterns and pictures. Some children were extending their art skills and exploring colour mixing at the same time as learning to print.
In maths we are problem solving, for example: If 8 legs are allowed on the boat, which characters can we put in the boat? A man, a girl, a boy, a sheep, a dog  or a chicken.  We found different ways of doing it by choosing different characters and adding the correct number of legs for each character. 2+2+2+2=8  or 4+4 =8 or 2+2+2+4
In Music we have been following the rhythm and feeling the beat. We practised tapping the beat with sticks.
Please can we encourage you to keep reading your home reading books every evening. The children are making great progress in reading and we’re thrilled with them but it only happens with lots of practice. Thank you for all your support in home reading.
Junk modelling is very popular across the year group. Last week, in lime class, lots of back packs were made. We are running very low on junk modelling so please do send anything it that we could ‘up cycle’. We are also still accepting any resources for our creative trollies eg ribbon, pom poms, sequins etc
If you have anything in your kitchen that you don’t need eg saucepans, plates, cutlery etc please can you send it in for our home corner.