A creative week!

This week in English we started reading the book ‘Snail and the Whale’. We began by generating vocabulary based on pages from the book and shared these as a class. We also spotted a few similes in the story so we learnt how to use them to compare something to something else. We noticed in the book that they had a variety of different sentence starters which makes the story much more interesting so the children edited boring sentence starters which were very repetitive into more interesting ones. We ended the week by creating story maps to plan our own versions of ‘The Snail and the Whale’. The children have planned some really lovely, exciting stories which we cannot wait to read about next week!

In Maths, we have been revising our understanding of how to add and subtract numbers using a number line or hundred square to help. The children were able to spot the pattern of moving up or down the hundred square when adding or taking away 10 and applied this when answering more challenging questions. We also though about addition and subtraction language to use and applied these when writing our very own word problems for each other to solve.

In Science, we have began an investigation where we were testing how a material would change if it were left outside for a period of time. We predicted what would happen to a variety of different materials and have placed these on the playground. We will be continuing this investigation next week and keep observing them as the week progresses.

In Citizenship and Ethics this week we were learning about Kindness. We thought about ways to show kindness and how others have displayed kindness. In pairs, they wrote lovely acrostic poems about what kindness is to them.