Fun Keeps on Rolling

This week has been fantastic and the children have worked extremely hard across the curriculum.

In Literacy, the children recapped on the story of Cinderella. They then needed to suggest modernisations to the story in order to make it more suitable for the current day. Some great ideas included use of technology, a text message invitation and a friend who was a limousine driver and could become our real-life “fairy godmother”. The children then moved onto developing their informal vocabulary through the use of slang, idioms, double negatives and incorrect subject/verb agreement. This language was then used to create informal dialogue linked to events in the story. The work was absolutely brilliant!

In Maths, we have recapped over a number of different topics including prime numbers and working backwards. In Sage class, the children also played the different prime number games which they had designed at home as part of a homework task. All of the children loved the games and were very eager participants.

To conclude our Citizenship work on the dangers of smoking, the children were asked to produce a leaflet that was both informative and persuasive.  There were some excellent suggestions of how to lay out the individual sections, including case studies on the back page of people who had quit smoking. Some of the finished results can be seen below.

In D.T., the children were challenged to draw different catapults from the Greek era. The children were asked to draw the designs precisely using a ruler before adding appropriate measurements linked to height, length and weight. An example of the brilliant work produced has been uploaded for you to see.

In P.E. we have continued our work on cricket and have been practising striking the ball and bowling under arm.

We hope you all have a lovely weekend and look forward to seeing you on Monday.