Smoothie Special

We have had an exciting week in English creating a diary for ‘Boxton the rat’ witnessing the events of the Great Fire of London following on from our text, Vlad and the Great Fire of London.  The children were able to generate some exciting vocabulary; plan the events and write in the past tense and first person.  They enjoyed staining their work with coffee to give it a 1666 appeal!

In Maths we have consolidated our skills in using part-whole models to solve missing number addition and subtraction problems.  Next week we will be focusing on developing speed and fluency with addition including doubling.

In Design and Technology we linked our earlier Science work on plants, to  where our fruit and vegetables come from.  We have also been using our cooking skills of peeling, cutting, juicing and mashing to create smoothies which the children all enjoyed tasting.  The children also learned about the importance of eating five-a-day.  Next week in English, we will be writing up our smoothie recipe as a set of instructions.

Alongside Design and Technology, we also focused on Art and explored the work of Paul Klee.  The children experimented with creating tints of colour to create some delightful artwork inspired by the artist.

Our topic focus for next week will be RE.

Sky Class: next week Yellow group can bring in a show and tell item, should they wish (something special or unusual – not a toy).