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This week in maths we have revisited our knowledge about addition and subtraction. We have practised using column addition and subtraction and applied this knowledge to trickier word problems. Towards the end of the week we worked in pairs and really challenged ourselves to find the answer to two step problems that required us to use both addition and subtraction.

In English, we wrote stories based on ‘The Snail and The Whale’. The children wrote such lovely stories about the adventures their two characters went out and used great detail to describe where they went. Once they were completed we watched a video called ‘Austin’s Butterfly’ which taught the children the importance of editing and improving their work. They paired up and took time editing each other’s work and upleveling their vocabulary.

In Science, we completed our investigation where we observed how materials would change over time. We had previously predicted what we thought would happen and it was very interesting to see if our predictions were correct.

In Art, we were learning about symmetry in nature. We noticed that there are lots of symmetrical patterns in some animals and even flowers and trees! We used oil pastels to create symmetrical pieces of art based on natural materials.