One giant leap

This week has been very strange with Year 5 being the only year group in upper KS2,  however the hard work has continued with the children planning their modern fairy tales, developing characters through different actions and mannerisms. We have also begun creating speech for individual characters to support our final pieces.

The children in maths have developed their understanding of time including:  recording time in analogue, 12 and 24 hour displays. We have looked at timetables and how to use them properly to understand how long a journey can take, calculating the difference in time, using information gathered to calculate missing times/gaps.

In Topic this week, Year 5 have researched different Victorian toys looking at what materials they were made from, who might have owned them and how they were used. The children also compared how different their toys are today. There were some interesting discussions about the toys some parents still own to the present day.

On Thursday afternoon, both Sage and Forest class competed for the blue and yellow teams respectively to earn points for their whole school team. The different events that were scored on performance and effort were: javelin, relay, speed bounce, agility course and bean bag throw.

This week in citizenship we continued our learning from earlier in the year about sharing images online and what precautions we need to take when sharing images. The children knew the different ways to share images safely and how to report an image online.