Persuasive year 3

This week we’ve been working hard on persuasive writing and fractions.

In English, we looked at features of persuasion, creating facts and opinions and then writing reasons for and against the removal of break time. We then had a class debate using our persuasive features! You can see the pictures below. We had a great time and used some excellent debate skills and persuasion.  Next week, we will be continuing looking at persuasion, creating persuasive writing for or against zoos. You can help at home by working on the persuasion homework with your child.


In maths, we’ve been looking at finding fractions of amounts. We’ve used the bar model and sharing to solve problems such as 4/6 of 48, culminating in group problem solving. Here’s us working hard:

Next week, we’ll be working on rounding.


In Science, we undertook an investigation on how light is reflected and which materials reflect light most effectively.  We found out that tin foil is excellent at reflecting.

We’ve been using the iPad to learn about augmented reality in computing lessons and we’re really enjoying it!

The homework is on google classroom, it’s due in 2 weeks, and Miss Alexandre has asked that you remember to bring in your DT items for next week.

Have a lovely weekend!