The week beginning 21st June 2021

In PE, on Monday, we looked at the techniques needed to pass on a baton in a relay race. In our teams we came up with a quick buzz word that told us to get ready to receive the baton. We also had an opportunity to put our sprinting skills into practise too.


The week has  finally come for us to write our biographies. Looking deeper into the features of a biography, identified at the start of our unit, allowed us to include them into our own. We started the week by thinking about use of time conjunctions and then thought about using subordinate clauses to help us add detail into each paragraph.

Fractions, has been the theme of our maths this week. Understanding the difference between a mixed number fraction and an improper fraction helped us to find practical ways of converting between the two. We ended our week by adding two fractions, with the same denominator, which equalled an improper fraction.

In science we explored the area of the school grounds to find out what wildlife we have. Thinking about what we have learnt about habitat we discussed scientific reasons for why some organisms thrive and others don’t. This will help feed into a year group project over the next couple of weeks.

Using flowcharts, we have looked at algorithms needed to help us program a micro:bit to create an animation of a volcano erupting. Next week we will use our flowchart to help us input our code.

This week year 4 got to compete in the sporting competition. We can’t wait to find out the results next Tuesday and see how that impacts the scores for Blue and Yellow team.