Maps Maps and More Maps


This week the children have been learning about maps. They started by thinking about the story of Little Red Riding Hood. They thought about where she started, which was at her house.  Then they thought about what she saw first, which was the forest, which she walked through. She saw the wolf in the forest but the wolf didn’t get drawn on the map because he moves about and things on a map don’t move. Then she saw some flowers. After that she saw a tall tree and finally she arrived at Grandma’s house.

The following day the children drew their own maps showing their route to school from home.

They used their own ideas to draw a map of an obstacle course.

Some of the children decided to create their own maps in their discovery time on a big piece of paper. This is a map being drawn for cars.

Different families 

Through  stories the children have been thinking about different types of families. They have discussed their own families and started to think about how their family is different or the same as the other children in the class.


The children have been using their imagination to create their own book bags.


The children have been continuing gymnastics and practising jumps, balances,  travel and rolls.