Cinderella reimagined!

Despite being so close to the end of the year, the children continue to work exceptionally hard and we have managed to include so many activities this week.

This week our Literacy unit on a modern fairytale has really come to life. The children have thoroughly enjoyed using informal dialogue and bringing Cinderella into the 21st century through the inclusion of modern items, for example, Dysons, iPhones and Teslas. The dialogue that the children have included has been really effective in giving the reader clues about each of the individual characters as well as moving the story forward. They have also delved into the romance genre by trying to create a love interest and there have been more than a few giggles along the way. The children have written so much, it’s been incredibly difficult to keep up with all the marking! In Forest, the children have also moved onto writing a twisted tale to develop their story writing further and the stories have been excellent.

In Maths, the classes have been continuing their work on fractions to develop their understanding further. This has included finding equivalent fractions or simplifying. We have also revisited some key arithmetic skills from the year including percentages and written methods of calculation.

In Science, the children have been discussing the changes which happen during puberty. They were able to identify changes which happened only to boys or girls, as well as changes for both genders. Great maturity has been shown and some excellent questions were asked. Next week will be our final week on RSE where we will be discussing the menstrual cycle and different products that people can use as well as different relationships.

The children have also started to select work for their learning journeys which will be added to their books. This was a great opportunity for the children to reflect on the different topics we have covered and all of their great achievements this year.