It’s good to be back!

It is great to be back at school! We have enjoyed getting back into school routines.

We have started the week with some further research into a minibeast that will allow us to create a fun and detailed fact page. Thinking about different layouts meant we were able to be creative when writing our double page spreads.

In maths we have been securing our understanding of factors and identifying logical ways of identifying factor pairs. On Monday we played some games to help us.

We also practised using the formal written method to help us multiply larger numbers. It was great fun taking our learning outside!

Chores! How can they help us with our future ambitions? This week we discussed what we would like to be when we are older and how chores can help us develop key skills needed. I’m sure you’ll be pleased to know, we also created a class timetable of chores we could do at home!

On Wednesday we looked at using steady breathing to help improve our performance. It was tough doing star jumps, two footed jumps and lunges for 2 minutes, however through our focused breathing some of us were able to beat our personal score the second time round!

Finally! Our live performance of opera singing happened Thursday afternoon. We never realised we were lucky enough to have such a talented singer within our school. The children were captivated by the whole experience and we ended it with flowers being presented at the end.