Problem Solving, Google and Persuasion

Problem solving, Google and persuasion may not sound like the ingredients for a great week but Year 3 have been extremely engaged and enthusiastic in their learning.


In maths, we have revisited rounding and looking at what the equal sign means. Year 3 are showing resilience to some tough problems; great communication skills and developing systematic ideas about how and where to start solving their problems.


In English, Year 3 have applied their persuasive skills we have been practising to answering the question: “Should animals be kept in zoos?” There are some very persuasive children in Year 3! We are glad they haven’t started using them on us!


We joined in with Google’s national assembly this week and revisited how to stay safe online. Year 3 brought home 3D puzzles to complete. It would be lovely to see the finished versions. An assignment has been posted on Google Classroom in Homework for you to post your pictures.

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Here are some more photos of Year 3 exploring AR. We started designing our own AR apps this week also that could help children learn in the classroom.