Welcome Back!

Hello everyone!

What a strange week it has been! We have loved having the children back in school, but thank you very much for all of your efforts last week online. This week has been our Geography Week! We have created maps and learned the meaning of symbols on a map. We have also been using our cardinal directions. We put all of this together to create a map of our local area with a key.

In PSHE this week, we were thinking about what we are responsible for. We thought about how our responsibilities change as we grow up, and why our adults’ responsibilities are different to ours. The children were sure that it was their responsibility to tidy their bedrooms!

Next week will be our computing week focus. We will be designing an algorithm using the Scratch App.

In phonics, we have recapped on all of the different /or/ sounds including augh, au, aw and or. Next week we will recap on all of the graphemes that make /igh/ sounds.

In maths this week, we have been continuing to use our numbers written as words to solve problems with tens and ones. This has included identifying sixteen and 1 ten and 6 ones. Next week we will be consolidating numbers to 20.

We have had a lovey day today in non – uniform! This is how we met our new teachers today online! 

Have a lovely weekend and enjoy the football!