And the rest is still unwritten…

Now that was a busy week! Both Monday and Tuesday were filled with dress rehearsals, singing and even more singing, all leading up to Wednesday: our recording day. And what a day it was. Both classes worked extremely hard to nail every single one of their lines and to perform with vigour and that they did! After a whole day of filming (and we mean a whole day) both Amethyst and Magenta raised the roof of the theatre in celebration. We are all proud of the children and what they have achieved; they couldn’t have worked any harder. We are all now waiting on tenterhooks for the masterpiece to be edited and uploaded. Watch this space!
The rest of the week continued to be as busy with the children testing their skills in the kitchen and curry was on the menu. They worked in groups to create a vegetarian curry by chopping onions, crushing garlic, parboiling potatoes, and measuring the vital spices. When they weren’t in the kitchen, they designed their own sleeve for their container and a poster to advertise their curry. We hope you enjoy tasting their creation.


A little surprise awaited the children as they arrived at school on Friday. They were over the moon to see their hoodies waiting for them; there were smiles all around.


Last but not least: the Year 6 Leavers’ Disco. Suspense had been building all week for the ‘dance’ and they had an amazing time. They enjoyed dancing along to the songs DJ Mole rocked out and particularly loved the ‘incredible’ moves the teachers were busting on the dance floor. Sweets, crisps and cookies were also supplied to the delight of both Amethyst and Magenta.
Have a great weekend.