Final Countdown

This week has been very busy indeed. It was lovely to welcome Forest class back on Friday and see Year 5 complete once again.

In D.T. we created and tested our catapults. There were a series of challenges for the children to complete in teams. All teams showed great focus and determination in order to succeed. The challenges included firing the furthest distance and aiming at a still and moving target. One team led the entire way until the final round where they were sadly overtaken. A great effort by all the teams after some much needed practice.

In Literacy, our story writing finally came to a close. The children have work exceptionally hard on their stories and have really taken on board the different points that we have discussed in lessons. The dialogue has been superb and has really helped to move the story forward. The children have also edited their work to successfully remove any spelling, punctuation or grammar errors.

In P.E., the children competed in games based on movement and tested their ability to work on changing directions as well as working cohesively as a team to complete different skill based games

During RSE this half-term the children have asked some excellent questions. They have approached all the lessons with great maturity and have really developed their understanding. Next week we will be including a session where the children will be separated into boys and girls so that they can ask any questions that they may have,

We hope you all have a lovely final weekend and look forward to seeing you on Monday.