Knowing me, knowing you, knowing us!

This week in maths we have been exploring balanced equations, in particular with multiplication. We realised we can use multiplication and division (fact families) to help us work out the missing numbers i.e. 24 x 6 = ? x 3 – using formal written method we know that 24 x 6 = 144. As it is a balanced equation the other side of the equal symbol (the same as) needs to equal the same. Therefore we can use short division to work out that the missing number is 48. 48 x 3 = 144.

In English we have been preparing an information sheet, all about ourselves, to give to our new teacher in year 5. It will provide the adults with some summer reading and give them a chance to get to know us. Some of the things we have written about include: hobbies, significant people and pets in our family, an animal that best represents us and why, as well as what we are apprehensive about.

Qualities of a good leader – What are they and how do we know about them? Using discussions and stories read over this half term the children have identified key traits needed to be a good leader, including Paul the prisoner from the Bible and Guru Nanak. Below are images of some of our posters.

On Friday’s we have been developing our sewing skills, learning how to complete cross stitch in preparation for creating our own flag. Linking the colour of our flag to our competitive sporting teams we used tie dye to make it effective. Next week we will have completed the stitching of our flags. Keep tuned in to find out what they look like.

We would like to end this post with a huge congratulations to Blue Team who managed to end our sporting competition with the most points. It was a brilliant competition that saw the winning team change weekly, however the end result was clear!