Our final full week in Year 1 :(

Our final full week of school has been a fun-filled ICT week. We have been learning to choose characters and program them to move in response to each other using the Scratch app. The children have enjoyed working in small groups or with partners to share their ideas.

In maths this week we have been focusing on number bonds to 20. We have used these to complete part whole models and have begun to think about how we can solve worded problems using our bonds to 20. Keep practising these bonds to 20 at home over the summer ready for Year 2!

In phonics we have recapped on all of the /igh/ sounds that we have learned, including /i/, /y/, /ie/ and /i-e/. Thank you for returning your child’s reading book and reading record book. These will be sent up to Miss Farley and Miss Ellis ready for September. If you have not yet returned the reading books, please bring these in on Monday.

In English, the children have been poets this week. After reading ‘One Silver Speck’, we created our own version of the poem about a squirrel, using our own vocabulary but following the structure of the free verse poem.  The children enjoyed learning their poems to their classmates.

In PSHE, we have continued to think about our responsibilities and particularly how we are responsible to ensure we and others don’t have accidents. 

The children have recorded their fantastic Summer Music Concert for you this week. We will have this posted on the blog over the weekend for you to see them playing in time to the music together.