First full week in Reception

Reception have thoroughly enjoyed staying all day at school. They have enjoyed having school lunches and carrying their trays to the tables. It was very impressive to see.

In Phonics the children have been using the Jolly Phonic stories and songs to learn about the sounds s, a, t and p.  We learnt to sound walk the following words at, sat, as and a. The children were introduced to the tricky words I, no, to. These words can’t be sounded out.

Reception have been learning how to use the different areas in the classroom with their friends. They remember that when you have finished playing with something it must be put away. The children have been playing inside and outside.

We have shared a lot of stories about making friends and sharing. These are Iris and Isaac, Sharing a shell, Frank & Teddy make friends, Together we can, Farmer Duck and Mini monsters.

The children met Mrs Dore for their first Music lesson. They enjoyed playing the musical instruments and singing.

In Reception, we encourage children to use junk modelling. If you have any boxes, plastic containers, plastic bottles etc which would go in your recycling bin- please send them in.

Have a lovely weekend.