Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate’s life for me!

This week in English, we have started out topic all about the book ‘How I became a pirate’. We have looked closely at the book and have been able to sequence the events from the story, identify nouns and adjectives and began to use noun phrases to describe characters. Next week, we will begin writing our own story based on our pirate adventure.

In Maths, we have been learning how to use a cherry model to partition a number to 20. We also began learning how to use <, > and = to compare numbers.

In Art, we began designing our very own space rockets. We planned which recyclable materials would be useful to use and which ones would not. Next week, we will begin to make our space rockets so please remember to collect materials.

In Science, we learnt about seed dispersal from different plants. We looked at lots of different types of seeds and thought about how they might be dispersed. We then created our own helicopter seeds to understand how seeds make fall from trees and move to different areas.

Pirate Day!

We had such an exciting pirate day. The children absolutely loved being pirates for the day. We went on a treasure hunt around the school in order to look for hidden treasure. We had to sail through rocky, stormy seas, climb through snake infested pits and fight a pirate crew but we managed to find the treasure in the end.

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