First full week back!

Year 3 has had a great first full week back!

The children have worked so hard and have adjusted amazingly to their new routines.

In English this week, children learned how to plan and write a recount of their favourite event during the summer holiday. They used chronological words (first, after, next, then) to talk about their day.

In Maths, we focused on place value and understanding what each digit in a number represents. For example in 345, the 3 is in the hundreds place value, the 4 in the tens place value and the 5 in the ones place value. Children have also practised partitioning a digit with a part-whole model.

For Science, children researched what types of rocks exist. They discovered sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic rock!

Children also had their very first lesson of Spanish and Music classes! They were all very excited!

Homework has been posted on Google classroom. Children have 2 weeks to complete it and hand in either a Google Doc or bring in a paper copy.

Have a wonderful weekend!