First week back!

Firstly, we would like to say how lovely it has been to see you all in the mornings. The children have settled back into routines and are enjoying soft start again.

We have started year 4 by reading Secrets of a Sun King by Emma Carroll and have used the story to help us write a persuasive letter. At the starter of the week we explored persuasive techniques and put these into our letter.

In maths we have been partitioning 2/3/4 digit numbers and towards the end of the week looked at regrouping a number. The use of learning stories, place value charts and tiles has helped us.

This afternoon the children had PE with Mr Roberts and Music with Mrs Dore. In PE, year 4 will be improving their hockey skills while in music, begin to look at orchestral instruments in film music.

Just a few additional notes:

  • A message about the video has been put on Google Classroom. It has been  posted on the stream which is what you are presented with when the children login.
  • Speakers corner is a presentation that the children create to share and talk through in front of the class. It can be about anything they would like to share and can be a computer presentation or just simply standing up in front and talking. It shouldn’t be longer than 5 minutes. I have provided blank slides for everyone, in case the children do want to complete it on the computer. Please don’t worry about these yet, the children will be given a date of when their speakers corner will be, which they can then stick in their homework diaries.
  • Homework this week will be reading and TTRockstars.


Have a wonderful weekend and we look forward to seeing everyone next week.

Year 4 team