What a busy week!

It has been fantastic to have our first full week at school and the children have worked exceptionally hard.

In Literacy, we are racing through our gripping story: Pig Heart Boy. The story follows Cameron, a teenage boy, in desperate need of a heart transplant. This week the children have written diary entries from the perspective of both Cam and his best friend Marlon as well as describing the setting where Dr Bryce is based. The use of descriptive language was incredible from all the children; they included relative clauses, expanded noun phrases, similes and alliteration to name just a few. It has been a pleasure to read these setting descriptions.

In Maths we have continued our work in place value, using benchmarking to position numbers accurately on a number line. We also had an opportunity to move onto negative numbers exploring questions such as is it possible for a number to be both negative and a decimal. There were some fantastic discussions and the classes have worked hard to justify their suggestions.

We have begun our Science lessons, creating a fact page all about the circulatory system. The children have been introduced to key vocabulary (heart, valve, veins, arteries and capillaries) and have been able to complete some initial research. This will underpin our upcoming practical work in a couple of weeks when the children will have an opportunity to dissect a lamb’s heart. There were some excellent designs and good use of colour, with even a few quizzes added to good effect.

In History, the children used maps to correctly position Mayan cities in Central America. We also discussed the different land type found in this area of the world and the positives and negatives for those living there at the time. We will be exploring what life was like for the Mayans over the Autumn term with one particular tasty lesson planned. All to be revealed nearer the time!

Homework has been assigned for the first time this week. There are spellings for the children to learn for next week’s test, as well as a poster about consideration which links to our assembly theme at school.


Have a great weekend everyone.

The Year 6 Team