A busy week in Reception

Reception had their first PE lesson this week. We were so impressed that everyone had their PE kit. Everyone could get changed- dressed and undressed! The children were impressed with the hall and couldn’t believe how high the walls were and how far away the ceiling was. Reception were able to find their own space away from their friends and wait for the next instructions. They showed the adults in Reception how they could travel in different ways around the hall.

This week in Phonics we have look at the sounds i, n and m. With all the sounds that we have learnt so far, we have practised going on a sound walk and blending the sounds together. Here are some of the words we have sounded out an, in, nip, pan, pin, tin, tan, nap, nit, mat, map, tin, pan. We have learnt to read the tricky words  I, no, to.

In Maths we have been matching and comparing. The children enjoyed playing a matching game with aliens. They have been matching pairs of objects.

Within the classroom the children have been introduced to making their own play dough. They followed instructions and got the ingredients that they needed. The children can bring their playdough home if they want to.

On Friday the children were given their reading books with an information pack. We hope you have fun sharing the books. The books that we have shared this week are ‘Superworm’, ‘Dogger’, ‘Count the button box’,  ‘Smartest giant in town’, ‘When the dragon comes to stay’, ‘Atchoo! The complete guide to good manners’.

Have a lovely weekend