Telegrams from the past and fun exploring oobleck

This week in English we have been exploring different ways to communicate and were lucky enough to look at real life telegrams. We used these to think about how people communicated in the past and linked this to the story we have been reading in class, which was set in 1922.

In maths we have been using our place value knowledge to add 3/4 digit numbers onto a number line. We then used this to help use estimate the position of a mystery number.

On Monday in PE we looked at developing our running skills by leaning our bodies slightly forward, using our arms to increase our speed and always looking forwards at our target.

This week in science we used our observational skills to explore more unusual substances and then tried to classify them into solids, liquids or gases. Some of the substances included honey, mayonnaise, cornflour and water.

In art we have been looking at Van Gogh’s paintings.  We were  fascinated to discover that he only became famous after he died.  We chose our favourite paintings to describe why we liked them, thinking about the colours and techniques he used and how they made us feel.

In history we are beginning to find out all about the Ancient Egyptians.  This week we used the chrome books, information books and images of artefacts to begin our discovery of the Ancient Egyptians, including what they wore, how they communicated, who they worshipped and how they used their leisure time.


The video all about year 4 is now on the children’s stream on their Google Classroom. We hope you enjoy.

Homework: To complete their Google Slides presentation all about themselves. Things they need to include: image, animation, colour, photo.

Next week there will be spelling homework. After doing some assessments, we have identified some gaps in the year groups phonics understanding of the phonemes (sounds) and graphemes (how the sound is written).  Therefore this term the spellings will address these gaps.

For science next week, we are looking for some ice lolly moulds. If you have any that you are willing to lend us, please could you bring them into school on Monday.

Many thanks

Year 4 team