What do you call it when a Catholic renovates his kitchen? A counter reformation.

As the title suggests, this week, Year 5 have been learning about the events that took place during the English reformation and the impacts they had. We rated how important each events was in terms of the reformation and discussed how they affected Britain going forward under Henry’s rule.

In English, this week we finalised our school reports for Bradley Chalkers with some quite scathing reports. We also created invitations for a party in which Bradley and Jeff were both invited. Finally, the children wrote a final diary entry combining all their informal writing skills to create a diary entry from the view point of Carla, Bradley’s counsellor.

In Year 5, we have been learning to count back through zero into the negative numbers using different methods including number lines, bridging and flipping numbers to make it easier. After learning the key skills we have been able to solve simple problems based on graphs and charts that involved negative numbers.

We participated in our first experiment for Science this year, investigating magnetic fields using iron filings and a magnet to discuss what we observed before writing up our discoveries.