Dissecting the week!

What a busy week it’s been in Year 6!

In English lessons this week we have been discussing different perspectives and how these differ according to many factors. After discussing how mum and dad felt during Cameron’s journey, the children selected one parent to write from the perspective of.  How the children were able to infer the characters’ feelings was absolutely fantastic and the choices of language were, in many cases, exceptional.  It was really clear to see this week that the children are improving their independent editing skills, reading aloud to identify errors.

In maths, we have begun to explore different problems, including working backwards, which was very challenging as the inverse operation needs to be applied.  We also included an individual lesson on multiplication to recap on the key steps of both the column and lattice method.  The children were then able to select the method they felt most confident using. Following on from this, the maths homework this week is a multiplication task to consolidate the learning.

Undeniably, the stand out moment of the week has to be the lamb heart dissection in science. The children thoroughly enjoyed investigating this fascinating organ and most were able to find the four main chambers, identify main arteries and valves, as well as compare the thickness of the walls on either side of the heart. There may well be some budding surgeons in the cohort.  Warning: Gruesome images below.

This week in history we continued our work on Chichen Itza and the children produced a short fact page which included a picture and five facts. The drawings were excellent and included some great detail (much better than the adults’ drawings!). The children also came up with some fantastic ways to separate each fact, using the Mayan number system or small images instead of bullet points.

We hope you all have a lovely weekend and look forward to seeing you next week.