Representing numbers, space explorers and beans!

School Council & Eco Reps

We have asked the children to prepare a very short speech to explain to the class why they would make either a good Eco Rep or School Council Rep. They could share with the class any ideas they have and then the class will vote. If your child is interested in doing this perhaps spend some time with them this weekend just discussing what they would like to say.

This week in Maths we have been learning about representing a number in different ways. We learnt how to partition a number using dienes, a cherry model and using arrow cards. We had lots of mini teachers showing the class how to do this.

We then began to challenge ourselves and thought about how you could represent 1 number multiple different ways using a cherry model and began to try this ourselves.

In English, we began a new English topic learning about persuasive letters. We looked at an example which was trying to persuade NASA to invest in their new spacesuit (we were all convinced to buy it!) We spent some time picking out the key features of a persuasive letter and also learnt about persuasive language. Next week we will be writing our own persuasive letters to NASA.

In History, we have been learning about different space explorers. This week we learnt about Yuri Gagarin, who was the first ever person in Space. We wrote a fact file about him which we will be writing in every week and including all the different space explorers.

In Science, we took part in an experiment to investigate how a plant growing in different environments can affect it growing into a healthy plant. This week, we planted broad beans and predicted how we thought they would grow.