Rounding to the nearest…

In Hockey the children have been developing their coordination skills when controlling a hockey ball with a stick. It involved a lot of focus and keeping an eye on the ball.

This week we have been reporters, researching and planning a news paper article about the strange adventures and discoveries Howard Cater experienced while searching for the lost tomb. We look forward to sharing the articles with you all next week.

In maths we explored rounding 3/4 digit numbers to the nearest 10 or 100 using rounding mountains. Together we identified this as a great way of checking answers to calculations too.

Can you change the state of matter? We explored turning a solid into a liquid and used our observations to create a comic strip to help teach others about the science behind the change in state of matter.

In RE we have been exploring how acts of worship in the Sikhism faith  are symbolic and what they represent.  We learnt all about the 5k’s – Kesh, Kara, Kirpan, Kachera and Kangha and enjoyed creating a poster explaining them.