WB September 20th 2021

Children read “How to wash a woolly mammoth” in English and created their own instructions. They were very creative and added items such as an enormous rake to comb the mammoth’s matted fur and a thousand leaf blowers to dry it!

In maths, we worked on our number bonds and using that knowledge to add 2 digits up. It was a very tricky week in maths but children worked really hard. Well done!

We continued to discover how Stone Age people lived and how they created art. Children had lots of fun creating prints using objects found in nature.

Music lesson was incredibly exciting for the children  because they received their recorders. Good luck trying to get children to put them down!

In PE, children created their own gymnastic sequences by mixing different jumps with point and patch balances.

Year 3 are now in charge of 2 flowerbeds. We would love to know if there are any green fingered parents that would like to help us with these! If you are interested and have a bit of time to give us, please see Mrs Gardiner, Miss Alexandre or Mrs Boothby.

Each class is also going to be voting for an ECO rep. Children are welcome to apply by writing down reasons or creating a poster to explain why they would make a great rep. We will then do a class vote to decide. If your child would like to apply, please have them bring a poster/reasons back to school on Monday.

Have a wonderful weekend!

The Year 3 team.