By George, what a creative year group!

This week, we have been demonstrating our creative side!

We started off this week learning about Tudor houses. We looked at how they were constructed and talked about some examples in St Albans. We decided that we would not have wanted to have walked around St Albans in Tudor times, in case something rather unpleasant was thrown from the jetty of the house into the street. However, our drawings of 3D houses were fantastic with good quality labelling too! There are some talented artists in Y5!

We continued our creative journey on Wednesday, when we spent the morning working in the style of Donatello to create our own sculpture masterpieces of St George. We thought carefully about which tools we would use to carve or add facial features to create lifelike busts of the famous saint. Have a look at some of our work in the photos.

Our creative week has not ended there! In RE, we have also designed a piece of artwork which showcases the Star of David at its centre. We looked at how colour and shapes have created mood and emotion and tried to replicate it in our own work. There are some really stunning and thought provoking pieces.

In English, we have been learning how to take effective notes using bullet points. We looked at reducing the number of words in texts to the point that there is just enough information to help us write meaningful sentences. We have researched lots of information about Henry VIII’s life, wives and legacy in order to write our own non-fiction text about him.

In maths we have been getting to the point with decimals, learning about their place value, comparing decimals with 2 and 3 decimal places  and linking them to their fractions.

Our week has culminated in a science experiment dissolving substances in water and deciding whether the change is reversible or irreversible. We considered the concept of fair testing and applied it to our experiment.