Read All About It!

On Friday we looked at a range of musical instruments, learning their names and listening to the sounds. From this we explored rhythm and tempo.

We finally finished reporting on Howard Carter’s discovery of the lost tomb. An interesting tale of events, that some may not believe to be true. During soft start we will be writing our final versions for display!

Think 10/Think 100 has been the focus of our maths lessons this week. Using our understanding of complements to 10 and 100, we have been able to rearrange addition calculations to make them easier for us to work out in our minds. It seems like a long process when written down but is quick when we do it mentally.

On Monday, in PE, we looked at improving our agility. It involved playing a game of tag in a very small space. This meant being on our toes and changing direction quickly to avoid being tagged. Great fun and lots of improvement made by many throughout the lesson.

Does Gas weigh anything? Creating a fair test, we explored this question in science. It turns out that the bubbles in fizzy drinks is called carbon dioxide. When we open a fizzy drink can or bottle the ‘hiss’ sound is the gas escaping and forming bubbles. We weighed 150ml of different drinks at the start of our investigation and then again after shaking it, to flatten it. We found that the weight of the drink decreased meaning that gas does have a weight.

In art we have been mixing colours to create shades and tones.  We know that to make a colour lighter we need to add white and to make a colour darker we need to add either black or a darker shade of the colour.  It is really tricky to match the colour perfectly, but we did really well and enjoyed the challenge.  We also reminded ourselves how to mix secondary colours from primary ones.