The Cycle of Life…

We’ve had another incredibly busy week in Year 6.

In Literacy, we have combined our studies in PSHE and Citizenship to explore harmful substances and their effects on the body. We have explored different grammatical terms, for example modal verbs and have generated a series of high-quality sentences that we will be able to use next week when creating an informative leaflet. On Friday, the children had the opportunity to create a labelled diagram and we discussed the nature of these in order to fit their intended purpose.

In History, we learnt about the story of the Mayan twins: One Hunahpu and Seven Hunahpu. Despite their talents, they angered the Lords of Death who sentenced them to death after failing a number of tests put before them. But don’t worry, the story does have a happy ending – the next generation of twins learn from their mistakes to defeat the Lords of Death once and for all. Clearly inspired by the story, the children created phenomenal comic strips to retell the key events. A selection of photos has been uploaded for you to see.

We were fortunate enough to have the Bikeability Crew here this week, demonstrating how to use a bike safely on the road. The children have shown great enthusiasm all week despite the rotten weather and have been sharing what they have learnt. Hopefully, all of those children will now feel confident using their bikes on the road.

Finally, in RE we have continued our Buddhism unit exploring the notion of karma and reincarnation. All of the children were able to give a clear explanation of what this idea is about and thought of examples of good and bad karma.

Important news for next week:

On Monday, we will be making a Modroc hand in the style of Antony Gormley. Please bring an old t-shirt on Monday which can be worn during this activity.

On Tuesday, we will be going on a school trip as part of Crucial Crew. This trip will take place in the afternoon but we will leave during lunch and so all children will need to bring a packed lunch.