Week beginning September 27th 2021

Year 3 has had a very hands-on week!

In History, they have built Stonehenge with multi links and devised questions they would like to have answered about this very famous Neolithic monument.

Children have created a model of the rock cycle in Science and they look fantastic!

This week in Maths, children learned to add and regroup the ones using the column method. They practised  with base ten equipment first before writing it out in their books.

Music lessons had a few courageous students come up to the front of the class to perform their pieces. In PE, children practised different rolls, such as the straight roll, the tuck roll and the forward roll.

We have also heard the lovely presentations of children applying for ECO rep and school council. They all worked so hard on finding ways to improve our community and explaining why they would make a great rep. The children have selected their ECO rep; well done to the children who presented to their class!

Don’t forget to read over the weekend, practise your spellings and if you would like some extra work (yay!), children could practise regrouping ones when adding.

Have a great weekend,

The Year 3 team.