Another busy week!

This week we started off the week by celebrating National Space Week. We joined a live lesson where we learnt about the planets, astronauts and the stars. It was very interesting!

In English, we started a new topic based on the book ‘Look Up’ which is about a little girl named Rocket who loves all things space. We started off the week by ordering and writing about the story and tried to use conjunctions in our sentences, we used noun phrases to describe rocket and learnt how to use adverbs.  Next week, we will begin to plan and write our own story based on ‘Look Up’.

In Maths, we learnt how to write numbers in words. We noticed a pattern when looking at ‘tens’ and noticed a lot of the root word have the ‘ones’ number written inside it i.e. sixty. We also looked at sequencing numbers and tried to spot a pattern within the sequence. Next week, we will be learning how to place numbers on a number line up to 100. We will be using benchmarks such as 50, 25, 75 to help us.

In Science this week, we concluded our science investigation where we tested the best way to grow a healthy plant. We noticed that several of our beans had not grown due to there not being enough soil in them so we have decided to retest this by using a bigger pot and more soil to see if this improves the bean’s growth.

In History, we have been enjoying learning about different space explorers and have been creating a fact file about these space explorers. Make sure to come and see these leaflets – they are up on display in the Year 2 & 3 shared area.

In RE, we have been learning about different symbols that are important to Christians. It was very interesting looking at these different symbols and understanding their beliefs.