Dress to Impress

Another busy week in Year 5 has seen the children design and create their own Tudor fashion pieces for a ball, they used their knowledge of the clothes to design them to be the most colourful, expensive and powerful on show.

This week in Maths, we have continued our place value unit, consolidating our understanding of decimal numbers by ordering and then rounding them to the nearest whole, tenth and hundredth. In addition to this, we have begun continuing to develop our mental strategies to multiply numbers by 10, 100 and 1000 including decimal numbers whilst some have been able to code break using this knowledge.

In English this week, both classes have been writing their non-chronological reports based on Henry VIII and his influence on Britain and the world. We have been able to develop our quality of writing through different grammar devices using relative clauses, colons for explanations and interesting vocabulary. The children have been working 1:1 with their class teachers to edit and up level their writing and they have been able to produce some really incredible reports – please have a read of these throughout next week’s soft starts.

Another week of football with Mr Roberts has seen the children develop their striking technique to shoot accurately and powerfully on goal using different parts of their feet. In swimming, they have begun to work on stroke techniques for front crawl, backstroke and breaststroke.

In preparation for our synagogue visit on Thursday, as a year, we have compared different Jewish festivals and celebrations, using a Venn diagram to discuss similarities and differences in celebrations.

In Science, Year 5 have been trying to reverse the dissolving process which was undertaken last week to recover the original substances. We observed each of the changes and were able to write a conclusion based on our findings as to which reactions were reversible and irreversible.

On Friday afternoon, Year 5 & 6 celebrated world mental health awareness day, which falls on Sunday, by choosing activities in different classrooms from their own and sharing activities with children in different classes. Children could play board games, complete mindfulness colouring/sudoku’s, a range of physical activities (badminton and parachute games) and creating artwork in nature.