Keeping our minds healthy.

Hi everyone,

As part of  World Mental Health Day, we spent time talking to the children about how important it is to keep our minds fit and healthy. We discussed different strategies to help relax our minds and stay calm. The children had the opportunity to practise some yoga, do some mindfulness colouring and make a colourful, sensory shaker. We read the book Colour Monster by Anna LLenas which discusses various emotions and how they affect us.

In English, we have been reading the book The Storm Whale by Benji Davies, which is the story of a young boy Noi who finds a baby whale and becomes his friend. Using the story the  children enjoyed role-playing how Noi and his dad interact. They created a poem about the stormy weather that happened the night before the whale appeared on the beach. The story also focussed on Noi and his dad’s emotions and the children talked about how Noi felt when his dad left him alone to go to work. Next week, the children will be rewriting the story, changing some of the characters and actions to make their own version of the story.

In maths, the children have been using the whole/part model to add and subtract numbers to 10. They have written number facts for each calculation. They will continue to practise this next and look at different methods to find and record their answers.

We hope you have a wonderful weekend and get the chance to relax and unwind.