Performance Week!

As Thursday was Poetry Day we have been learning about rhyming couplets and used this to help us write our own poem. Below are some clips of us performing our poems.

At the end of the week we looked at using formal written methods to add with and without regrouping. We will continue to look at this next week, focusing on 3 and 4 digit numbers.

In Science we have started to plan a science investigation. It will be a fair test, so we had to think about the question, equipment and method we will use to help us carry out the investigation next week.

Year 4 received a letter from Aimee who needed our advice about friendships and feeling a little jealous. Using the model letter we thought about how we could show empathy as well as giving advice.

In history, we put our acting skills to the test by working in groups and acting out the Egyptian creation story.   We had lots of fun performing to the class and it has really helped to reinforce the  story in our minds, ready for next week’s learning.

In RE we have continued to discover more about Sikhism.  Today we learnt about the Gurdwara, Seva and Langer and the way that Sikhs believe in helping others and that everyone is equal.

This week, on Friday, it is Wellbeing Day. We have enjoyed having Chill Out Time after playtimes and enjoyed some other mindfulness activities.