Eco Meeting Minutes 2.12.22

Date People Present Action Points Discussed Action Taken


Class reps

Scarlet, Crimson, Amber, Vermillion, Gold, Saffron, Forest, Sage, Amethyst, Magenta



Mrs Boothby (CB)


CB shared information from her online course:

-board    -blog      -when to apply

– questions that will be asked

CB hasn’t heard back from Margaret from the church, hopefully we can arrange a visit in January.

A few points raised at our meeting today:

*Food waste from snack time needs to be collected in a bowl and reps (or monitors) to take to the food waste bin in the dining room. ECO REP NEEDS TO TAKE OWNERSHIP WITHIN CLASSES.

*Each class needs to have a plant to care for. Select a child to take it home in the half term/holidays.  ECO REP NEEDS TO TAKE OWNERSHIP WITHIN CLASSES.

*The reps will be carrying out a tally chart to monitor how each child comes to school. This is now displayed in dining room.

We are going to present our eco code, ideas and what we have achieved with each phase during an assembly. Eco Reps will prepare and deliver to each phase.

Eco reps to have time to show their class, the blog and share what we have been doing.

Reps to explain to their class about the wildlife homes for the playground.

Next meeting focus:

*Preparing our assembly slides and thinking about what we want to share.

*Feedback about sharing the blog with our classes

*Creating wildlife homes for the playground.

Mrs Boothby emailed the teachers the points that were discussed.


Eco Rep’s to share the blog with their class.