Record of Meetings 10/5/23

Eco Committee

Date People Present Action Points Discussed Action Taken


Class reps

Scarlet, Crimson, Amber, Vermillion, Gold, Saffron, Forest, Sage, Amethyst, Magenta



Mrs Boothby (CB)


CB shared information from her online course:

-board    -blog      -when to apply

– questions that will be asked


Year 2 shared the letter they sent to Daisy Cooper and the response they received.

CB told the children we are visiting Margaret at the church on Friday to check on our plants, collect the rhubarb, create more wildlife habitats and litter pick.

We looked at our Green Flag application and discussed questions that could be added to the environmental review.

Eco reps to remind teachers to plan in time to prepare and plant the year group planters in the playground.

We created a yearly report to share with SLT/Governors. Points covered:

Eco Report 2022-2023


Eco assembly: We worked together to plan, create and deliver a whole school assembly

Collected apples with Margaret to donate to the local food bank

Made a hedgehog house

Lots of visits to the church: planting, litter picking, tidying, creating wildlife habitats

School has donated 41 trees

Working towards the Green flag

Tally chart for how we travel to school

Things we need to develop:

All classes to develop their year group planters

Awareness of food waste


Next meeting focus:

*Sending in the Green Flag application

*Feedback about sharing the blog with our classes/planters

Mrs Boothby emailed the teachers the points that were discussed.


CB to email the report to SLT/Governors


Eco Rep’s to speak to their teachers about the planters. CB to speak to Phase 1.