Cricket League

Alban City School have been part of the creation of the new St Albans Schools Cricket league, competing in matches against different schools and have played well enough in their 3 league matches to make it to the first ever finals day on Monday 10th July.

ACS vs Bowmansgreen

42 – 39  

 On Wednesday 21st June, Alban City played their first league game in the inaugural St Albans Schools cricket leagues. Alban City School won scoring 42 runs while Bowmansgreen trailed 3 behind scoring 39 runs. Arlo and Sam batted well since they hit quite a few boundaries and ran well between the wickets. Also, James and Dottie ran well and hit boundaries.

Jemima and Ned bowled well, with Jemima getting our only wicket, and Ned’s overs going for very few runs. Arlo’s overall performance was great, impressing everyone with his batting and bowling skills in the end.


ACS Cricket Team: Jemima(c), Arlo, Sam, Dottie, Ned and James.

Words by Arlo Balmforth


ACS vs Skyswood

70 – 51  

On Monday 26th June, Alban City travelled to Skyswood to play a cricket league game. 51 runs scored by Skyswood and 70 by Alban City, who won by 19 runs. Sam and Arlo opened the batting for Alban city scoring an incredible 43 runs between them.

Darcey batted well because she definitely tried her best and hit the ball really well. 

Jessica bowled well because she released the ball at the right time and bowled on the stumps and managed to get a wicket.

Lyra was outstanding in the field with her catches and she was doing really well at retrieving the ball.


ACS Cricket Team: Leon (c) Arlo, Sam, Jessica, Arthur, Lyra, Hannah,Caspar,Darcey,Siri and Alex R.

Words by Leon Whelan


 ACS vs Skyswood

70 – 50 


On Monday 26th June,  Year 5 played Cricket at Skywood, we scored 70 and they scored 50

Thomas played very well, especially for his first time ever playing. He hit a 4 and was extremely fast when running and focused when the target was coming at him. 

Jemima and Ned did great whilst bowling, they both focused on the target and improving their aim as they went on.

Arlo made some incredible hits and progress whilst batting and knocked someone over with great strength and agility. Sam made some extraordinary catches and got 2 people out. Ethan made an incredible catch because it was quite high and it was his first match even if he struggled he kept on going.

ACS Year 5 Cricket Team: Jemima (c), Arlo, Sam, Thomas, Ethan, Dottie, Ned, James, Eliza, Mary-Cathrine.

Words by Jemima Stevens


ACS vs Killigrew

32 – 46  


On Monday 3rd of July 2023, Alban City School took part in a close-fought cricket game against Killigrew primary school. We opened the match by fielding and claimed 8 wickets, holding Killigrew to 46 runs. Sam made two brilliant catches and overall everybody bowled well. We finished the game by batting and claimed an impressive 34, losing 8 wickets along the way. Leon Whelan earned a deserved player of the match but everybody played outstandingly well.


ACS cricket team: Leon (c ), Arlo, Sam, Arthur, Lyra, Jessica, Jemima, Alex R and Caspar.

Words by Arthur Carvasso