Welcome to Year 4!

We wanted to start today’s blog post by saying how proud we are of our new Year 4 for putting in so much effort this week, especially in this heat!

The children have given their best efforts in each lesson and have settled nicely into their new Year 4 expectations, and demonstrated their team-work abilities by building some fab pyramids at the start of the week.

In English we have started exploring our text Secrets of a Sun King, which we are using to help us consider how we would describe an Ancient Egyptian artefact.

Year 4 have been busy in Maths recapping their essential times tables with games like fizz and hit the button, and considering how the many ways we can represent 4 digit numbers.

We have started our Ancient Egyptians topic in History, looking at where they fit on a timeline, and asking a number of questions about how an artefact can tell us about how people lived.

And in Science, we have looked at the different properties states of matter hold by comparing balloons filled with air, water and ice!

Please be aware that Gold have PE on Monday and Wednesday, and Saffron have PE on Wednesday and Friday so please make sure your child has a kit in school for those days.

We hope you have a lovely weekend and look forward to next week! – Year 4 Team